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BlogSphere V3.01 Beta 7 Preview 1 ( Updated )

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A few people have been asking how the next beta of BlogSphere V3 is coming along so here is a preview version for anybody who is feeling brave. A few of the new features that you will find is an improved 'Document Library', A way to display attachments in Blog Entries, A new 'LightBox' for the photo albums that uses AJAX to display your photos in a cool web 2.0 style interface, Options for setting the sizes of thumbnails generated when you import your photos and lots of extra little fixes.

While there is no documentation or example docs in this build feel free to IM me if you need a hand setting up any of the new stuff.

Edit : The attachment has been updated to disable local access protection
Edit : Replaced the new lightbox with a better version
Edit : Removed protoType and Scriptaculous libraries and replaced with MooTools Library ( smaller )


Gravatar Image1 - Would be nice if you enabled "Authenticated Comments" for users to "sign in"...

This is nice, but not authenticated. For strictly WEB without authenticated responses is very nice.

Gravatar Image2 - Hi!

I've got some feature/bug requests for the new Blogsphere version (maybe they are fixed/included in the Beta 7 - but that database has local access protection :-( ).

- HotText
- It should be possible to set the link target (same/new window).
- Links
- Window target doesn't work.
- Enabling/disabling documents should be availabe as buttons in views.

Gravatar Image3 - Please disable local security in DB, or give -default- manager access.


Gravatar Image4 - Hi Declan,

I replaced the version 3 offical beta with this one, but after that I got on the domino console the error:

19-05-2007 15:19:25 HTTP Server: Agent '(WQO - Load BlogSphere HomePage)|Agnt_LoadHomePage' error: Object variable not set

Only thing whats being loaded is the header...
Could you help me out on this?



Gravatar Image5 - Hi all,
I tried with a brand new instance and got the same error: Agent '(WQO - Load BlogSphere HomePage)|Agnt_LoadHomePage' error: Object variable not set

Then I setup Beta6, started it once in a Webbrowser and updated it then to Beta7 Template. That worked.

;-) Babinsky

Gravatar Image6 - I've been trying your 3.01 Beta 7 code. This is entirely new to me. the base install comes up blank on the site. I added a skin, defined a page, and now I get a title, calendar, links, etc.-- but no blog comments.

Strangely, though, if I look for the RSS feeds, I can see the blog entries listed.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

Also, the text in the Page Template, home page/entry field is displaying twice.

Gravatar Image7 - Hi, i'm using beta 7, i want to create a new name category by font Unicode and add new entry into this category but my entry can not display by category.
Can you show me :"why ?" and the way use font Unicode to create categories, Example: Vietnamese font
Thank alot

Gravatar Image9 - The Form CONFIG - Blog Configuration | cfg_BlogConfig on the Template "BlogSphere V3 Release - 3.0.1 B7" doesnt contain any field that reference the skins that i was imported.

Is an error or i am missed ?

Gravatar Image11 - There Was Indeed an error, which I tried bringing to the developers attention, they have fixed it now I belive but are being to arrogrant to thank me or to tell any one, In all versions of this blog there is an XSS vunrability in the name field.

A thank you would of een nice.